Phone Unlocking

Why unlock my phone?

Different countries have different rules on phone locking. Usually a phone is only locked where the network has subsidised the handset. In order to find out whether your phone is locked to your network, please contact your provider.

If your phone is currently locked and you are outside your contract period, your network should be willing to provide you with an unlock code.

Should you prefer not to unlock your phone, buy one of our low cost phone & SIM bundles for the duration of your stay. We have a range of unlocked handset which allow any network SIM cards to be inserted. Our dual SIM phone caters for the traveller that wants everything, allowing for two SIMs to be used at once!

The Benefits of Mobile Phone Unlocking



*free incoming calls subject to network terms and conditions. Most European networks are free but you need to read the small print for the US

Can Smartphones be unlocked?

Most smartphones such as the iPhones and Blackberry models are locked to a network. The smartphone manufacturer locks the phone to protect the security data, and phone settings.

Smart phones can be unlocked safely, so that they will accept a new local SIM.

To unlock a Blackberry: Contact your network provider and request the relevant unlocking codes.

To unlock an iPhone: Contact your network provider or Apple and request the relevant unlocking codes.


Is it Legal to Unlock?

If you have already served your contract term, you can legitimately request an unlock code from your network provider. Check with your network supplier as to your specific contract terms if you have signed one.


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